Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Treatment (60 minutes)     $190

This treatment is focused on deep-cleansing to clarify and refine your skin. Botanicals infused steam softens pores, enabling the Clarifying Clay Mask to draw impurities and absorb excess oil. Your skin feels fresh, deeply cleansed, and radiant.

Dr.Hauschka Nurturing Treatment (60 mins)    $190

The specially customized facial treatment is perfect for when your needs are great but time is scarce.


ATACHE Green Tea Facial (60mins)     $150

Ideal for caring for and treating all types of skin


ATACHE Softderm Facial (60mins)     $150

Provides great comfort and serenity to address the needs of most sensitive skin types


ATACHE Oily SK Facial (60mins)     $150

Offers deep cleansing and regulate oily or acne-prone skins



 Neck & Decollete (30mins)     $117

Anti-aging and firming


Milia removal (30mins)           $120

Remove oil clogs, skin tags & whiteheads, etc.



  Add on: Bojin /GuaSha (15-30mins)

Meridian Face Care uses unique Meridian tools to soothe and break up tendons and qi knots, eliminate toxins and dead cells, regulate qi and blood and promote blood circulation. It also helps to detox and removes excess toxins, enhancing skin immunity, improving skin tone, and keeping skin lasting and healthy.


Bojin/GuaSha Eyes                                                             $87

Bojin/GuaSha Face                                                             $127




Improves microcirculation, reduces puffiness and dark circles, and treats fine lines


Thermal Eye Treatment                                                      $67

Ultrasound Eye Treatment                                                  $87

Global Anti-Again Eye Ritual                                               $117

Eyebrow Trimming                                                              $15

Eyebrow Shaving                                                                 $10